Understanding atheism

One of the biggest mistake people make about  about atheists (or atheism) is linking them to specific ideologies like secularism or vegan-ism. You can be an atheist and believe in ghosts or magic or what not. Atheists reject only the concept of God. Now they usually make decisions based on scientific evidence and rationality,  hence they tend to reject other superstition too but they are free to believe other things. For example-  if a hypothetical tribe exists that believes only in magic but not in any supernatural being/God, they are atheists.

The burden of proof lies not on atheists but on  the one claiming to know of the existence of a God. Atheism is not rejecting an already accepted god but not accepting him in the first place. Atheism is the default position.

Atheists can subscribe to any form of ideology (libertarian-ism, liberalism, conservatism). We are not Satan worshipers or baby Killers, we are just skeptical of the existence of God.


The Syrian refugee crisis has been deemed the largest humanitarian crisis of the decade. There are over 4 million refugees fleeing war torn Syria, of which over half are children . Everybody on the global level acknowledges this problem but have different ways to solve it. To any person ,liberal or conservative, who isn’t sure on how to react to this problem , should learn from a similar situation in the X-Men movies /comics

In the X-Men universe , the mutants were the “foreign” element in the society. Some of the mutants are violent towards humans ( Magneto and his ilk) but the vast majority of the mutants are peaceful and escaping persecution and discrimination. If your view is to reject help and asylum to the mutants/refugees just because some are violent , you are literally a villain. This indifference shown towards the Syrian refugees will drive more people to join the ranks of ISIS.

Just like the mutants in X-Men , refugees today are denied help due to the fear of them turning out to be terrorists.To deny help and practically ensure the death of thousands just due to the fear of one of thousands being a terrorist is against all ethics.BE BRAVE AND DO THE RIGHT THING, DON’T COWER IN FEAR  AS YOU WATCH INJUSTICE. The sad part is that we , unlike the mutants have the same genes.

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